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Getting Wrong link in search results

I'm having a huge problem.  I just got rid of a Malware virus 2 days ago (thanks to all of your help in reading past discussions!).  Now, when I'm in a Yahoo search for example, I click on a link from my search and it links me to a completely different website...usually some sort of ad.  For instance I typed "Target" in the search box.  I clicked on the link for "" and I watched the web address box, it briefly linked to about 4 different sites including some sort of "admarketplace" and ended up on "".  My Google search engine is suddenly set in another language.  I would greatly appreciate any help!!!!  Thanks so much!

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Re: Getting Wrong link in search results


This issue is caused by some ad-ware which has hijacked your browser.
Please try the below steps:

1.      Open Internet explorer ; Click tools- internet options- click advanced tab and click reset at the bottom by which all browser settings would once again be refreshed .

2.      Open IE , click tools , click manage add-ons and try disabling any unknown addons as adwares get into add ons even. 

And see whether the problem persists.

Dinesh K

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