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Full system scan takes almost 6 days to complete


Running a full system scan is taking about 140 hours, almost 6 days, to complete.

My system is an Acer 8943G laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate, i7 720 processor and 16GB of ram. It is a powerful and fast machine. I have run various checks such as a disk scan to make sure there is no problems with the disks and software. McAfee Virtual Technician is also reporting no issues and that everthing is OK and up to date.

When running a full system scan Internet Security takes a very, very long time scanning 3 particular files. These are 3 self-extracting software install files all from the same source, a reputable manufacturer of FPGA's. The files contain various FPGA design and development software. The files are OK and I can manually extract the data files from them and also install the software contained in them without any problems at all.

I have also moved the files to the second disk on my laptop and get similar results for a scan when they are on the second disk.

I also copied them to a different, much less powerful machine, an Acer netbook with Atom processor and only 1GB of ram, and scanned with a different virus scanner and then it takes only about 15 minutes to scan all three files.

The three files are 600,237KB, 832,843KB and 3,151,168KB in size. Scan times for each file are about 11.5 hours for the first, 28.75 hours for the second and 97 hours for the third one (yes 97 hours!). Scanning all the remaining files (approx 223,000 files about 120GB), registry etc. took about 2.75 hours. And a number of those are bigger than 2GB so I don't think the problem is just to do with file size.

The three files are all new versions of the FPGA manufacturers development software. Older versions of the files which I also have on my machine scan OK. The 3 new files have a new custom icon when displayed in a folder list so may be they are using a new encryption method that McAfee has a problem dealing with, or is unaware of?

Really can't think of much else that could be wrong, but whatever the issue is it is proving really annoying.

Anyone got any ideas for a fix - other than deleting them, or moving them elsewhere, which I really, really do not want to have to do.

If any one, perhaps someone from McAfee, wants to try scanning them to see if the problem is reproducable I can supply details of the files and they can be downloaded for free but you will need to register to get them.


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Re: Full system scan takes almost 6 days to complete

Ok Mcafee scans really bad large zipped files. You will be happy to know that in the next version I am testing you can excude files from custom and scheduled scans. Just not from full scans. Maybe these files need to ne copied to DVD and usb stick? Ok you asked not for that comment.

Give me details (PM me) of how to get the smaller of the three and I will see how the new version scans. I know scanning in this version screams but be good to test on a large zipped file and them bug report the issue. Maybe we will get a fix...

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