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Full Scan not working

Hello all,

I to am having problems trying to run a scan.  Says system is at risk.  Here is my delima.  I have Mcafee through ATT and got it for free as I dont remember paying.

Anyway i just got this problem this weekend as others from what I am reading.  Well I tried the Mcafee virtual technician and said it was OK.  I tried to turn on real time scanning

and it would just go right back to being off with errors.  So unfortunately I uninstalled and have been trying to reinstall since yesterday. It get to where it is going to install and after about 15 seconds it stops and says it cannot load this product on this computer. I went to Mcafee live help and spent 20 minutes and the advisor got on my computer and did some things and still NO success.

See below email

Service Request #: 646482111

-     Created Date: 03/02/2011 12:17:58

-     Description: Had a problem with Mcafee stating my computer wasnt protected. Mcafee wouldnt scan. When I tried I got errors. So i uninstalled and reinstalled but it gets all the way to installing then stops and says it cant install on my computer. I got Mcafee from ATT Uverse service. Tried everything to reinstall without result

Please feel free to visit us at for all of your McAfee related support needs.

Well I thought maybe someone on here would have a suggestion.  Be advised that I have read a few of these and done everything on there. Pre installation thing, cleanup, restart plus the advisor did all of this also without result. 

Does anyone think maybe the ATT download is not working or maybe I need to go to them to discuss this?

Please any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Full Scan not working

Hi allupenya,

Please let us know some of the below information;

First & foremost – Please let us know the exact error message that you receive while downloading .

What is the operating system  that you use ?
How is the computer connected to internet ? (wired/wireless)

Did you previously have any other security software in the machine  from your ISP ?
Do you receive any virus alerts in your computer ?
How old is the computer ?