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Frustrating experience with McAfee customer service

I wonder what the opinions are out there...

> Thank you for contacting McAfee Consumer Support. How can I help you?
XXX: Hi, this is XXX from McAfee Technical Support and I would be assisting you today.
Customer: Somehow a "multi file downloader 2.5" got on my system.  I cannot remove it.  Whenever I power up my computer, a small screen pops up, asking me to purchase an activation key.
XXX: as I understand you are unable to activate McAfee. Is that correct?
Customer: No, McAfee is apparently working fine, except that it allowed this multi file downloader to enter my system, and now it cannot remove it.
XXX: do you suspect any virus in your computer?
Customer: I am afraid about a trojan, since I cannot find the root, and it always pops up when I start the computer.  McAfee should have cleaned any PUP's right?
XXX: I am happy to assist you with this issue. In order to assist you in a better way, I would like to gather basic technical information about your computer. You would receive a Pop-up . Please click on "OK" to provide me with this information.
> representative XXX has requested system information from customer Customer.
> customer Customer has sent system information to representative XXX.
XXX: Thank you for all the information. I am happy to help you.
Customer: thank you
XXX: to confirm you are suspecting Trojen in your pc. Is that correct?
Customer: yes, or a PUP that McAfee cannot remove.  Do you have any data or info on this multi file downloader 2.5?
XXX: Since we suspect that your system is infected with Virus, we need to double check for the possible infection. So I’ll be happy to transfer this chat to our Virus Removal Team, staffed with highly specialized technical experts, who can access your system remotely and clean things up while you watch.
Customer: thank you
XXX: It’s a fee based premium support for a cost of $89.95, wherein advanced tools are used to eradicate the threat in your system, which can really save your computer files and important data from getting corrupted. If the team finds no virus in your computer, you will get your money back to your account. Shall I go ahead and place an order for the Platinum-Virus Removal Support?
Customer: I do not want to pay an extra fee.  The way I see it, I pay every year for my upgraded subscription to McAfee, and if I recently got a problem, then McAfee has let me down, and I should not have to pay for fixing it.
XXX: I understand your frustration and realize that you have spent a lot of time and effort in resolving this issue. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused in this regard.
Customer: Thank you.  So, you are also saying, that I, despite purchasing a virus protection and removal program, which then apparently failed and allowed an unwanted program or Trojan to pass its protective walls, meaning it failed to provide the service I paid for initially, I would have to pay a large additional fee to fix the problem?
XXX: I can understand it is difficult for anyone to believe that our systems are not protected even after we have our Virus protection turned on. Let me assure you the initial amount that we pay for the software will possess all the possible features that we need to activate personally to ensure all the security alerts are active.
Customer: What is your advice?
XXX: McAfee's Virus Research team is constantly updating its library of 'known' viruses and spyware. Even so, the constantly-changing nature of viruses and their different variants make 100% security impossible, with any given anti-virus software
XXX: Shall I go ahead and place an order for the Platinum-Virus Removal Support?
Customer: I can understand the diffculties of always being up-to-date on new viruses.  I understand that, therefore, infection may still be possible.  What I do not understand is that, after potentially becoming infected, McAfee does not consider cleaning it up as part of the annual fees.
XXX: It’s quite upsetting to know that you had a bad experience with McAfee. In fact, we keep getting appreciation calls from our customers saying that they are happy and satisfied with the product. I really apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. But, let me reassure you that McAfee’s Virus Removal Service is specially designed to eradicate Virus in your system using advanced tools, which is the best possible option for the breakdown of the initial critical software settings.  Let me also reconfirm, if the team finds no virus in your computer, you will get your money back to your account. Shall I go ahead and place an order for the Platinum-Virus Removal Support?
Customer: True, this is upsetting, because we apparently disagree on what McAfee's responsibilities include.  I do not want to pay an additional fee for something that should be part of regular customer service
XXX: Please contact your system vendor and remove the Virus from your computer.
Customer: what does this mean?  Are you suggesting reformating of the hard drive?
XXX: Yes.
Customer: Thank you
XXX: Is there anything else I can assist you today with McAfee products?
Customer: No, I do not think so.  I appreciate the support
XXX: Jorg, you may receive a survey from McAfee that will give you an opportunity to provide feedback on the support we have offered. This information will help us to improve our support. Thank you for contacting the McAfee Technical Support.

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Re: Frustrating experience with McAfee customer service

probabley the same as yours.Unfortunatley i had a similer experiance.After going back and forth that there was nothing wrong with my protection and everything was fine.My computer died about a week later.Although my computer was fairly old at the time.I was recommended to get Mcafee by a few people, as do rate up there with the others.Just not sure if it is what it used to be.As hackers tend to learn more about the systems more people have.I would try to download malwareantibytes from file hippo and see if that gets anything.Although i`m sure there are more qaulified people on here that could help you.Good luck

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Re: Frustrating experience with McAfee customer service


Sorry for your frustrating experience. There is not an antivirus program or product on the market that can protect against all threats, trojans, and malware.

We have many industry experts who help people in the Malware discussion area of our Security Awareness community. You may want to post some details there for further assistance.