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Firewall question a a laptop using a wifi connection

Hi, I just bough my first laptop last week, I only had desktops. in the past..
I have Windows 8.1 on my laptop with a wifi connection. my laptop came  with a 60 day trial of McAfee Internet Security. I have noticed that in Services.msc, Windows Firewall
is turned ON, as well as McAfee's Firewall. Now if I Disable the Windows Firewall, then reboot, McAfee's Firewall is then turned OFF with no way of turning it back on, unless I turn Windows Firewall back on via Services.msc.

I thought having 2 Firewalls on a pc is asking for trouble, or is this  normal having 2 Firewall's on a laptop with a wifi connection??

Windows Firewall is disabled in Control Panel by default.

Can someone please explain why the need for 2 Firewall's please?


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Re: Firewall question a a laptop using a wifi connection

    This has been discussed in prior threads. It is of my understanding, that in Older versions of McAfee the Windows Firewall was indeed disabled during installation. However upon the inception of Windows 7, Windows Firewall remains (on) whilst being "Managed" by McAfee Personal Firewall Service.

           (As you clearly displayed in your Screen Capture)

Irregardless of your type of Internet Connection, DSL, Wired,Broadband,etc. If you will go back into Services.msc and check the McAfee Personal Firewall Services, should you look under the "Dependencies",you will see that Windows Firewall is one of them.

As long as you make sure your "Base Filtering Engine" and "Windows Firewall" start-up settings are set to

Started-Automatic...all should be fine. I assume that your system is functioning properly,as you neglected to mention any issues...other than the reason (Both) Firewalls were on.

It is my understanding that other Security Vendors apply this same setting.

You were correct in being concerned in regards to "Conflicts"..However in this case, from Windows 7 on...this is the Norm.

Having said that...should you by any chance in the future experience any connection issues with a particular program. Generally you can open your " McAfee Firewall"/ Internet connections for Programs/ and allow that particular Program "Full Access", in addition if you are certain it is a reliable-safe entity, turn "NetGuard off"

Just make certain that you do not utilize (2) Anti-Virus Applications ....For the RTS features will most definitely "Conflict" By my being simply a McAfee Consumer, maybe one of the more knowledgeable Moderators could expand on this subject.

I hope this somewhat helps....



McAfee Volunteer

Re: Firewall question a a laptop using a wifi connection

Catdaddy described the reason why the two are seen  well.

If you ever have a firewall disabled issue try running the Mcafee Virtual Technician on the support page as it has ways to fix services disabled errors.

Re: Firewall question a a laptop using a wifi connection

Thanks for your reply catdaddy, your explanation is very helpfull.and aswered my question perfectly.

Any yes, my laptop is functioning .properly.  .Its nice to know that this is normal!

Thanks for the lnk, Peacemaker

Great progran btw (McAfee)

THanks again!

Re: Firewall question a a laptop using a wifi connection

Peacemaker? Funny but that was my gamer name for 1 week before I changed it to Peacekeeper.


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Re: Firewall question a a laptop using a wifi connection

Thanks (Tony)  PeaceKeeper  

Gonna call it a day early, Having one of those days....

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