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Firewall problems!!!!!!!!

I'm new to mcafee so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing but here I go.

I'm trying to disable mcafee's firewall but I dont know how but I expiermented anyways and I discovered that on the firewall settings that whenever I click to turn on the firewall it immediately turns back off.

The funny thing is for that on the home page it says it is on but on the firewall page it says its off.

Another thing is on my firewall settings my tabs (security levels, program permissions, firewall history connections, excetera) when I click on them I discover that the options are all blanked out and so I cant do anything.

So this is my problem and it would be very helpful if someone assisted me.

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Level 12

Re: Firewall problems!!!!!!!!

Hi Rolong,

Please tell me, are you running Internet Explorer 9 Beta?

Also, please go to

Download it and run it.


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Level 7

Firewall problems!!!!!!!!

It’s not recommended to disable it permanently. However, you can also try disabling the Windows Firewall from your control panel settings and check the status

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Level 12

Firewall problems!!!!!!!!

If I’m correct, “You are trying to Turn ON McAfee's firewall but it immediately goes back OFF”.

If this is the scenario then, try to start the McAfee firewall service through services.msc

(For Win XP Navigation: Click Start > Run > Type services.msc > Click Enter (or) OK)

(For Win Vista / Windows 7 Navigation: Click the Windows button and Type services.msc in Search and click enter)


Then In the alphabetical order go down to McAfee firewall service and start the service if it is stopped as shown below.


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