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Finally! figured out how to stop annoying McAfee pop-up notices

Just received my new Dell laptop a few days ago and ever since booting ther system up these annoying McAfee pop-up messages kept appearing on the bottom right side of the screen. So far the only way to get rid of them has been to click OK.

My preference is to manually run any McAfee related virus scans, updates, etc. I do NOT want to be reminded over and over with pop-up windows about anything McAfee related. I figured out a simple solution to stop these pop-ups.

While the pop-up was on the screen I opened task manager to find out the name of the McAfee processes running and viewed the properties to get the location of each executable. Then browsed to 'My Computer' - 'C:' - 'Program Files(x86)' - ''. There are two .exe's there, mcagent.exe and mcupdate.exe. I renamed them both, to amj_mcagent.exe and amj_mcupdate.exe.

Woo hoo! ... no more McAfee pop-ups!!!

Also went into Services and stopped all McAfee related ones and set them to Manual.

Glad to have come up with this solution because I was ready to un-install the program just so I wouldn't have to deal with these pop-ups.

McAfee needs to add an option somewhere (in Security Center) to turn off ALL pop-up messages.

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Re: Finally! figured out how to stop annoying McAfee pop-up notices

To be sure you don't have any issues regarding the settings that you have changed, you might want to run the McAfee Virtual Technician. MVT will scan your computer for any McAfee related issues and attempt to fix them. If MVT finds something it cannot fix it will suggest you contact Technical Support Chat for further diagnosis.

I hope you do not have any issues, but unless they recommend you change anything it is usually best to leave things alone.

Good Luck

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