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Level 7

Fail download

I've tried to download McAfee files. Anf here is the final mcafee.jpgnotification.

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Level 12

Re: Fail download

Idii,Have you had mcafee before?Or is this a new subscription.If you had it before maybe there are componants that have not been uninstalled.If this is the case use MCPR tool at the top of this page under usefull links removal tool(MCPR).If not try the virtual technician also under useful links.Download and run and it will give you a report or option to fix.I don`t know if you recieved a partial install.If technician can`t fix see if the Mcafee icon is in your installed programs.If it is,delete then restart Mcpr and run.This will clean any remaining remnants if they installed at all.If all else fails try tech support also under useful links.Maybe someone else can add to this?        Good luck Jack

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