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Facebook link potentially abusive


The link you are trying to visit has been classified as potentially abusive by a Facebook partner. Pour en savoir plus sur la façon de rester en sécurité sur Internet, consultez la page Sécurité de Facebook. Veuillez également lire les articles de Wikipedia concernant les logiciels malveillants

et lehameçonnage

I recieve this message when i put a link in Facebook to go to my web site, we do not have any idea what's is wrong on our page. We think it's maybe the random ads who maybe be interpreted as malware.

In any case it's your facebook anti virus that is detecting it, maybe you can help by telling us how to know what's wrong?

Any help is welcome.


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Re: Facebook link potentially abusive

Probably a site advisor or trusted source issue. Best to contact both of them and ask for a review of your web site.

What is your website address?

Have not moved this to the SA forum as  issue is more a general question re facebook AVs

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