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Extend (update) subscription

Extend subscription with new product key


I have a question about renew/replace Total Protection subscription.  If this has been discussed in another post, please direct me to that post. 

I currently have 2011 Total Protection 3-licence.  It is installed on 3 computers.  The subscription is expiring in 2 weeks.  The McAfee website only has the option to Renew online.  However I purchased a 2012 Total Protection CD with new Product Key.  So how do I replace the current subscription with the new one? 

It looks like the only option I can think of is to uninstall the current McAfee and install the newer version from the CD; then activate with the new product key?  And do I have to do this for each of the 3 computers?

Should be able to manage current subscriptions and append a like product key to an existing one, have it extend life by the term of the key. (used o be able to easily do this before site redesgned.) Found a clunky way to do about 6 mo ago for different account, have other customers unable to do this now, can not find it anymore either.

Thank you.

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Re: Extend (update) subscription

If it is same product ie Total protection you should be able to do it but these questions best handled by customer service techs they are doing them many times a day.

choose customer service and good luck

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Re: Extend (update) subscription

Renewing your subscription is like having a fresh and new account. What I did last year is I simply buy a new version and I uninstalled the previous version and installed the new one. I didn't get any problems with that.

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