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Level 7

Error Code 12002 When Downloading Mcafee Anti-Virus

Attempting to download the following:

McAfee Internet Security Suite AOL Special Edition

I get the following Error Message during download:

We're having trouble completing your McAfee Software Installation,

because of this Error:  12002 TRY TO DOWNLOAD AGAIN.  Download

again and get the same Error message.

Using a slow dialup to download.  Any help/suggestions would be

kindly appreciated.

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Level 14

Re: Error Code 12002 When Downloading Mcafee Anti-Virus

This error indicates a firewall problem or a proxy connection problem. The code itself is a communication error with the server may have not been established.

Any chance of upgrading to something faster than a dial up connection?

Try to run the MCPR tool first found at the top of this page under Useful Links to ensure any McAfee related files are cleaned out from the previous failed installation attempts and reboot the computer.

You may have to continue to keep trying but make sure evrything in this document has been followed first

Let us know how it goes

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Level 7

Re: Error Code 12002 When Downloading Mcafee Anti-Virus

Thanks for the helpful feedback Tom.  Attempted to run the

MCPR without success.  Clicked on the MCPR link and received

the following message:  DOCUMENT ID WAS NOT RECOGNIZED


Attempted to download the large installation files with success.

I think I figured out what was going on with the first attempts.

At the time I was downloading, there was also some kind of

automatic software upgrade going on with my computer, so

there was probably some kind of conflict going on between

the two programs.  Computer is protected again and thanks

for the help.

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Level 16

Re: Error Code 12002 When Downloading Mcafee Anti-Virus

Glad that you are OK now , please do report back if any other issue . . .

Happy To Help  

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