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Error Code 0 McAfee Antivirus Plus

My pc was supported with McAfee LifeSafe from the beginning, so after the trial had expired I renewed it right away. Unfortunately my pc was reset just two days ago after encountering an error, so my McAfee back to the expired lifesafe. I uninstall the expired one, download and reinstall McAfee Antivirus Plus (which hasn't expired), but I got this error code 0 during installing eventhough my wireless connection is working perfectly.

I tried using MCPR, restart, execute the preinstall, and tried install it again. But it's still error.

I also tried virtual technician to troubleshoot the problems, but after fixing some stuff its still saying error 0.

Do I need to update the windows before installing? I just reset it, so I haven't had chance to update it. It's windows 8.1, 64bit, i7

I really appreciate your help, since my pc is pretty much defenceless now...



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Re: Error Code 0 McAfee Antivirus Plus


                     To answer your question in regards to Windows Updates, By all means you need to make certain you are current,to include Internet Explorer even though it may not be your default browser. McAfee and other vital programs use it to function properly.

                       Also make sure your add-ons/extensions are current as well. Especially your Adobe Products, Flash Player being one. I don't quite understand what you mean by saying 'Reset'? Are you saying reverting back to another 'Restore Point'?

                       In any case, after making certain your Windows Updates/Add-ons are current. I would advise you to contact Technical Support  It may be that they can run the McAfee Subscription Repair Tool' ,and resolve your issues.  

                        Via Phone/Online Chat is the quickest, and it is (Free)

Please keep us apprised of your results.

All the Best,


McAfee Volunteer
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Re: Error Code 0 McAfee Antivirus Plus


Please reach out to our Tech Support whom has special steps to resolve this issue. Link below

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Re: Error Code 0 McAfee Antivirus Plus

This should be fixed now. If you haven't contacted Tech Support yet. Please retry installing the software. Use the clean up utility to remove McAfee traces using the link: before trying to install McAfee Antivirus Plus.



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