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Error 0 McAfee Total Protection

I previously had a LiveSafe which expired. I decided to downgrade because I didn't need all of the features it included. I uninstalled said program and redeemed a retail code for Total Protection. The subscription is active in my account, and I downloaded the install program. I followed the installation wizard and got an Error Code 0 at the end. I have tried multiple times with no success to install the software, and its frustrating to not have the protection that i already payed for...

Windows 10 64bit

intel i7



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Re: Error 0 McAfee Total Protection

Did you use the (MCPR) Tool after uninstalling (Livesafe) from your Control Panel/Programs and features/Restart?

I might add you must 'restart' after running this tool, to assure all remnants are removed.

Then follow these Guide lines/Instructions; 
By the way, McAfee Total Protection is a 'Top Tier' Suite as well.

I would also install using Internet Explorer as well.

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Re: Error 0 McAfee Total Protection

As Catdaddy has said, the two suites are almost identical.  Use the Custom Install option to only install the features you want.

After running the removal tool he recommended followed by a reboot read this before reinstalling.  Error 0