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Erratic typing in Windows 10 (Firewall problem?)

I'm a new user in these forums and I don't know where I should place this question so I hope General Discussion is a good starting point.

Dell Inspiron 15 - 5559 i5-6200U 2.30GHz 8GB RAM Intel graphics. Windows 10 Home Creators Edition v 1703 and Feature Update V 1709.

I encountered this problem about 2 months ago. Typing is very slow in Internet Explorer, Edge and also Cortana seach box. Typing text into URL address bar of IE11, Edge, Cortana or Google (in IE11 or Edge) was OK for the first few characters but then I had to wait for text to be echoed to screen. Problem not present in Firefox. Problem observed after McAfee Internet Security update v 16.0.4 was applied on October 8, 2017. The previous version of McAfee had been working fine on Windows 10 V 1703. Sorry but I don't have a record of the earlier version. The problem continued after the Windows 10 V 1709 feature update.

Turning off the McAfee firewall fixes the problem! MVT shows mfefire service is not running but can't fix it. I've removed McAfee. Used MCPR.exe and then reinstalled but the problem reappeared.

Windows eventlog shows hundreds of errors: The server {7966B4D8-4FDC-4126-A10B-39A3209AD251} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.

Could this be the problem? Is this problem related to the Windows 10 Explotation Prevention feature because I came across a Microsoft forum in which the following article was mentioned:

I have had to remove McAfee for now and am relying on Microsoft Security Essentials until a McAfee fix.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Erratic typing in Windows 10 (Firewall problem?)

Hello oldtimer98,

I have Windows 10 Home v1709 b16299.98, 2012 Dell desktop (i3, 6GB RAM, intel graphics, 64-bit OS), and McAfee LiveSafe. I currently have no problems / errors related to browsers or search engines (or typing speed in these).

None with Edge or Google Chrome browsers. I don't use the IE11 or Cortana. I normally use Edge; and just use Chrome for YouTube (with Adblock for Youtube).

None with Google search engine in Edge or Google search engine in Google Chrome or Bing in Edge. I normally use Bing in Edge.

Not exactly the same computer or software as yours; but possible the same Windows 10. I have no idea if my McAfee LiveSafe Firewall is the same as your McAfee Firewall. My Dell got the free Windows 10 upgrade spring 2016.

I'm no expert, I just have Windows 10 v1709 and McAfee LiveSafe (which has a firewall). Since only 5.3% of Window 10 PCs are on v1709, and about 5.9% (global average) of Surface devices are on v1709 (Surface Pro 1, Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro 3, Surface 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Surface Laptop, Surface Pro (2017)), I thought I'd write a post. The rest of the Window 10 PCs and Surface devices are on older Windows 10 versions (1703, 1607, 1511, 1507) or on RS4 Insiders. source AdDuplex report Oct 2017.

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