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Easy Share-printer NOT shared

Past versions of MCafee Security have allowed me to use the Printer Sharing option with ease.  On 12/25/09 I installed (from CD) the 2010 Internet Security and since that time can not get the printer sharing to work.  The "master" computer has the printer wired direct (USB) and the printer is FOUND when Network Printers are listed.  On the second computer (wireless laptop) Easy Network installs but a printer is NOT found when Network Printers are listed.

I can share files & send files with ease so I am confident the Network is there; but why is the printer sharing function not working?

Easy Network is version 3.3

McAfee Security Center is version 9.15

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Re: Easy Share-printer NOT shared


Due to security reasons mcafee firewall has certain levels to block unsolicitated connections, could you please refer your printer documentation and tell me whether it requires opening of any port for file sharing. ?

Also verify whether mcafee is installed in the other computer with easy nework option (see about).


Dinesh K

on 1/25/10 8:31:14 AM GMT-06:00
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Re: Easy Share-printer NOT shared

My printer documentation (HP Officejet 6110xi) simply says network printing is supported (one PC connected to printer; second PC using same printer) and to see the HP website for more info.  I have searched and searched the web site and it seems to only address a network with MUTIPLE printers, not just one.

YES, Easy Share is installed on BOTH machines.


I have used the McAfee print sharing for almost one year with the same PC's and printer.  The only change that I am aware of is that I installed (via CD) the 2010 Internet Security on 12/25/09.  Shortly after that I realized the print sharing was no longer working.


Sorry I am of so little help! I can always "send" files between the PC's (that Easy Share function works) and then do my printing.  Akward but beats swithching the printer cable back and forth.

THANKS for the help!

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Re: Easy Share-printer NOT shared

Problem Solved.  I disabled the McAfee Firewall on both PC's and then the second PC (w/o printer) could "see" the printer and I "installed" it.

Then the McAfee Firewall was turned back on and my print sharing continues to work.

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