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Downloading to an additional computer

I recently downloaded a complimentary copy of McAfee from my banks website.  It included 3 seats one of which downloaded to the computer I was using. I have 2 computers and I cannot get information on how to download one of the other seats to the second machine. It is a 20 min. holdtime 

to speak to a real person on McAfee Support phoneline. Does any one know a location in McAfee's website that addresses this issue.

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Re: Downloading to an additional computer

Hi pacerboy,

OK, I could see that the subscription provided via your bank is been registered with your email address (Email not posted for privacy sake)

All you have to  do is , On the second PC , logon to and enter your email address and password

If you don’t remember the password , you can use the "Forgot my password" option on the same page

Once you are logged into the account page , click on Download for 3-User McAfee Internet Security and continue with the download process

For your better assistance , you can have a step by step install process from this FAQ here :