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Downloading problem

Hi all, I have a problem and I find no solution for it:

I want to download a program which I know it has no virus or other shit; the problem is that Mcafee blocks the download because it detects the program as if it had a trojan.
If I deactivate the antivirus and download the program, when I activate it again Mcafee doesnt let me open it... How can I solve it?

Thanks in advance bros.

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Level 16

Re: Downloading problem

Hi getowned,

McAfee detects and blocks those programs that might be suspicious or one of its files might have a suspicious character , so for the PC’s safety Virus scan as a proactive measure blocks those downloads. On the other hand , if the software is legitimate , please submit the same to our labs so as we release an extra dat for your programs so that it is not detected and removed in future. Please follow the instructions here to submit the file for analysis .


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