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Downloading onto old OS

So I recently got possession of an older laptop that still runs Vista, I don't intend to do much on it besides research and such but since I will be going across the internet a lot I figured I'd put my Total Protection on it but every time it starts the download but than something went wrong and I cancels it. I'm assuming this is because of the old OS but I don't have the money to upgrade the OS or buy a new laptop so  was wondering if anyone could provide any info for me. Some info:

Recently wiped back to factory default

Toshiba Brand

No other Virus Protection installed

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Re: Downloading onto old OS

Moved this to Consumer > General.

It should be possible as I was running it on this partition before I upgraded to Win 7.

Is Vista totally up to date including the latest version of IE ?

The software is very picky about that.

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Re: Downloading onto old OS

The product list shows the following OSs are supported

  • Microsoft Windows 10**, 8.1, 8, and 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.8 or later

Vista seems to have been Dropped

Ok found this


Windows Vista

Windows Vista is not fully supported by current McAfee Windows Security Suites. Support is limited to Security Suite 14.0 R1. Intel Security will continue to provide best effort technical support for products installed on Windows Vista up to version 14.0 R1. This means that if a problem is reported and can be reproduced with 14.0 R1, it will be investigated. Otherwise, Technical Support will suggest moving to a fully supported environment.

Minimum Specs for Mcafee products

I would expect you could install 14.0 on it  best ask support

Support portal