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Download and install

Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie and would like some help. I purchased the McAfee product and did the 140MB download, but had to shut down my PC before I could install it. Now I can not found the download anywhere and I really do not want to download it all again. Can someone help me to retrieve the installation file?

Will be much appreciated

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Re: Download and install

Moved this out of the Help section into Home & Home Office for attention.

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Re: Download and install

Hi Meerkat,

Welcome to McAfee community. I am sorry to tell that we need to download it again to install McAfee. McAfee using download manager to download and install McAfee. It is used to avoid piracy and to get a latest version each time you install(re-install) McAfee on your machine. Please login to McAfee account  and start installing McAfee again.

Click on the below link to get detailed description of “How to download and installMcAfee on your computer”.