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Downgrade to Security Center v11.6?

I have multiple windows xp systems in my house all running Mcafee security center & anti virus.  2 of them, booted to black screens after the january update to 12.1 & I've been dealing with the fallout ever since.  I purposely didn't power on any of the other xp systems in my house, which haven't been on for months, until today for fear of the same.  I reluctantly updated another pc today & noticed that it is only updating to security center v.11.6.  Has the 12.1 update been pulled?  Can I manually download & install 11.6 to my pc's currently having issues with 12.1?  Tech support is going nowhere & my case has been escalated to tier 2 techs.  I need working anti-virus protection now on my primary pc's.  I need a direct download link for 11.6 if there is one somewhere.  PLEASE HELP!!

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