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Different Activation Dates

Hi everyone,

I have a computer shop and sell branded as well as assembled computers & laptops. I am planing to purchase McAfee AntiVirus Plus 5 user pack.

I want to know that if I install user 1 on a laptop on 27/08/13 and user 2 on 10/09/13 the user 3 on 15/9/13 user 4 on 23/9/13 and user 5 on 28/9/13. So user

5 will get activation from 28/9/13 or from 27/8/13?

Previously I used the kaspersky 3 user pack that activates all the users when user 1 activated. What about Mcafee 5 user?

Thank you

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Re: Different Activation Dates

This best asked of Customer service area they handle all queries re this. I would assume same as kaspersky

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