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Debug Assertion Failed McUICnt.exe


I am using win 7

Everytime I open up the internet (using Chrome google) I get this message

Debug Assertion Failed

Program :C\PROGRAM\COMMON 1\McAfee\MSC\McUICnt.exe
File f\dd\vctools\crt+bld\self+x86\crt\src\vsprintfc.c
Line 244
Expression (Buffer too small,0)

Can anyone help me please.

Many Thanks

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Re: Debug Assertion Failed McUICnt.exe

I've moved your post to the Home General Discussion area. Are you still getting this error? Hopefully a product expert can help you.

Re: Debug Assertion Failed McUICnt.exe


Can you clarify- if you made any recent changes to the computer? What is the version of the McAfee you run with? What is the version of the Google chrome?

Steps: Try to update the Google chrome and check.Do let us know if the issue persists.

Re: Debug Assertion Failed McUICnt.exe

I am also experiencing the exact same problem. Mine started doing it after I downloaded Microsoft Office 2010...

Re: Debug Assertion Failed McUICnt.exe

I, too, have this same error pop-up.  I am using Windows 7 and use IE8 and Firefox 3.6.3.  I haven't figured out what triggers the error yet but it's not triggered when I open either browser.

Re: Debug Assertion Failed McUICnt.exe

I have now uninstalled all my recent programs and the problem has now seemed to have corrected itself. So far so good. I will install each one now and give feedback. I am still using google chrome and no longer using Mcafee trial - I have bought a year subscription. Let's see what happens.

Re: Debug Assertion Failed McUICnt.exe

After scrutinizing a bit more, it seems that my error does not occur when opening any programs.  Maybe it's triggered by something running in the background.  I am using a fully licensed McAfee Security Center, build 9.15.179 in Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.  I seem to see this error after logging back in after the screensaver, or power saving mode, has initiated.  Any ideas?