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I haven't been able to utilise my computer since 21st April, despite trying all the apparent remedies suggested, thanks to Total Protection 2010.  Yesterday was the last straw, four hours uninstalling, pre-reinstalling, reinstalling, whatever, whatever, as advised by McAfee.   Only to find - no internet connection, frozen screen, large white text messages on the black screen from windows about serious errors, etc, etc. At the end of that four hour stint I admitted defeat and finally uninstalled again.  Today I bought Norton, installed it in about half an hour, and everything's working just fine.  As far as I'm concerned McAfee has provided me with something that was not fit for purpose.  How do I go about getting a refund for the unused period of my subscription, beginning on 21st April?

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Sorry to see you go.  All account questions should be conducted with Customer Service, linked at bottom right of my signature or Useful Links above.  Pick your country and you'll see that you can phone or use online chat.  I don't recommend using the email option if available as that takes ages.