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Could you please...

Hey im a teenager who loves to play computer games, my dad installed this MacAfee Security Suite. and today i cant seems to enter my favourite program and use it cause it has been always deleted. This program is called Cheat Engine, it is a safe program and legal to use for some games. So im disappointed each time i tried to re-installed or deleted it. (still does not work till now)

Because for all i know, maybe u guys from macafee had upgrade this security suite and had auto deletion ON.. So how bout it guys can u please not delete my files?


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Re: Could you please...

1 thought would be do a search of the forum two threads already and this issue should be sorted out anytime soon.

You could do as I suggested and send file to Mcafee via send option or email. To get hold of the file you would need to unselect in real time scanning/settings/ extended protection the option Scan for viruses by identifying threat patterns. Disable it reload the file and email it zipped to mcafee as per the info in the below threads

HERE and