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Constant reboot / restart requests after checking and downloading updates

I have been a McAfee user for many years and this is the first time I have had this problem.  After each auto check for McAfee updates, I am asked to reboot / restart my PC.  As I have read in other posts from early 2011, I assume an update is not getting installed.  This all appears to have started when McAfee corrected the icon removal issue recently, since I have used McAfee for many years and have not had any problems until the permanent desktop icon issue began, got repaired, and now this problem.

I have WIN XP PRO SP3, and Office 2003.

All WIN updates are installed, checked this using the WIN Update icon and going to the MS site.

I have tried some of the possible solutions mentioned in other posts;]

I tried to rename the Mozilla file Scriptff.dll to Scriptffold.dll as mentioend in the 2011 posts, but the system said the file was in use etc even though all apps were closed.

Then I uninstalled Mozilla.

Then I uninstalled McAfee Security Center.

ThenI reinstalled McAfee Security Center, downloaded from McAfee.

ThenI reloaded Mozilla.

Still get the reboot / restart requests.

Any other suggestions would be helpful. 

Picture of the reoccuring reboot message is attached.  Thanks.

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Re: Constant reboot / restart requests after checking and downloading updates

hi there,

Have you contacted support ? If not please click on Useful links at the top of this page and they would be able to assist you with the issue


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