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Computer secure, but over a month since last scan??

For some reason, when I open up Security Center, I get a nice white checkmark in a green background and it says "Your computer is secure (no action required).

However, right under it says:

- Stay Protected. Scan Your PC Now.

- It's been over a month since we scanned your PC for viruses, spyware and threats. To stay protected, run a full scan now; otherwise, schedule a regular scan any time.

- Then I have the option to Run Full Scan or Dismiss.

So this is where I'm confused.  Even after running a full scan, I still get the above "It's been a month" statement.

So what gives?  Is this AV app up to date or not?  If so, then why the confusing double-statements?

I feel that some Product Manager overlooked a serious bug here.  The very core value proposition of this app is in question, since my confidence level in it projecting me is 0 with these two conflicting statements.

I am running McAfee Security Center v11.0, Build 11.0.623, Affid 105, Last Update 12/2/2011

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Re: Computer secure, but over a month since last scan??

It''s looking for a scan schedule which you can ignore of course if you don't wish to schedule scans.  The scan you ran is a manual one and doesn't removed that warning unfortunately.

I get exactly the same thing and ignore it/dismiss it each time.   If you want to get rid of it permanently you'll have to schedule a scan at least once a month.


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