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Computer running slow

After installed Mcafee total protection computer is running very slow

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Re: Computer running slow

some one please help about this

Re: Computer running slow

Ok first some general questions

1. What version of Mcafee and what programs components are installed?

2. What is your Operating system xp service pak ? Win7 etc and System specs ie CPU and ram

3 What are your slow examples opening Programs/booting etc?

Re: Computer running slow

I am using Mcafee total protection latest version.

Win xp sp2 and 4GB ram

After installed mcafee its running slow.

I Noticed that when i turned off real time scanning in normal mode comptuer is running faster.

I tried in SMWN and DSRM it seems to be working fine.

So the problem with Mcafee Real time scanning.

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Re: Computer running slow

Hello! That is normal, the reason why your computer is running slow is because the Service Pack that you have is Service Pack 2. Since your operating system is Windows XP, you should have a Service Pack 3. you can try upgrading the Service Pack first. And another thing, make sure that you don't have other antivirus software on the computer, because if you have, it will just conflict with each other and will cause your computer to run slow. I hope this helps!

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Re: Computer running slow

And also checked with syslog dump and noticed that real time scan issue.

Re: Computer running slow

Yes there seems to be a xp speed issue but mine manifests itself as slowing due to floppy accessing whereas others have issues with no floppy. We mods brought up this issue in our weekly call and the techs now know of it and will need I assume to call some users to get logs etc.

What cpu  a P4 is it single or hyper threaded or a dual core the former is not the best to run Mcafee on.

Re: Computer running slow

its i3.

Re: Computer running slow

Dont say cp speed issue, I am using ethereal tool  and syslog to trace which packets are stopping these and slow down the comptuer and found that problem with only mcafee real time scan.

Re: Computer running slow

I3 never have an issue I feel it is XP and real time scanning Mcafee will investigate the cause as mentioned  they are only now finding out about it. What is strange mine runs fine on an e6600 and 2 gb ram as long as the floppy is disabled.

I will keep this thread updated

I assume as I mentioned it and you did not comment that you do not have a floppy?

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