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Computer not protected, cannot get on internet or access any Windows services

I restarted my laptop this morning and immediately afterward I received a message from McAfee Security Center saying that my computer is not protected. I opened McAfee to see what the problem was and it said "Personal Information Protection shut down unexpectedly and is now disabled" and "Parental controls shut down unexpectedly and is now disabled." I clicked on the 'Fix' button but got an error message- "One or more problems cannot be fixed because of an error." Then I tried to get on the internet but got a message saying "Firefox cannot find the server." I performed a scan and nothing harmful was detected. My network connection status is 'unknown' and when I hover over the network icon it says "The dependency service or group failed to start." When I click 'Connect to a network" it tells me that Windows cannot find any networks. Network Diagnostics says "Windows Wireless Service is not running" but when I try to start it I get a message saying that Windows cannot resolve the problem. Please help!

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