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Computer Freezes, Error Stop 0x0000008E

Everything was OK.  I just installed Comcast's McAfee Security Suite.   Now my computer crashes if I try to run a scan or when I shutdown or restart.  It even crashes randomly.   I uninstalled Zonealarm and Norton Antivirus.  I used the Norton Removal Tool to get rid of all of Norton.   I get the Error message: Stop:0x000000*E.  I'm attaching the dump file:debuglog.txt.  Any or all help would be appreciated.   By the way, I'm running Win Xp Pro.

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Re: Computer Freezes, Error Stop 0x0000008E


Sorry for the delayed response, do you still face issue with computer? If yes, Please clarify

How did you remove the Security software from the computer (Control panel->Add and remove program or running the Removal tool for the specified product)?

How old is your computer? Do you have any (Spyware) alerts or advertisement in the computer while working on internet?

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