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Changed appearance of SecurityCenter?

The layout of the Security Center was totally changed today after being upgraded - this is McAfee Antivirus Plus 12.1.     Also is no longer listed in All Programs.  I was notified of update yesterday, installed today.  The last time this happened to me with another anti-virus service a few years back, it was because a virus that took over my security center.Was old security center appearance totolly changed by McAfee?  This change is what should have happened?  Shouldn't McAfee notify when severe changes are going to occur??   Otherwise I suspect virus attack changed something?  Somebody re-assure me that this is all ok.

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Re: Changed appearance of SecurityCenter?

We sorry for the inconvenience caused here, however there is no doubt that you’re running the current version of McAfee Anti Virus 12.1. In case of any trouble Please open a case with Technical Support, it's free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page for further assitance.


Anand S

McAfee Tier 2.5 Support