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Cannot update McAfee Security Center

I have McAfee SecurityCenter on a Windows 8 PC.  For the past few daysi have been unable to update the program. 

When i click on McAfee update it downloads an update and then asks me to close McAfee to update.  It then closes the program and tries to install the update, but it gives a message on the screen that the update has a problem.

I downloaded MVT and let it run and it said there are no problems.

Could this be caused by the Microsoft 8.1 update that i recently got?

Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Cannot update McAfee Security Center

Hi Tommyc13,


             Welcome to the McAfee Communities. Please review the following thread in regards to your update issues.


             You may wish to fo follow the suggestions Selvan, (Forum Tech) made in this post. Please post back your results, in case you might require further Guidance.

             I might add that temporarily "Disabling Access Protection" and then (Manually) checking for updates may work. Please make certain you "Re-enable "Access Protection" afterwards. The manner in which McAfee updates has changed in Version 12.8 and up, compared to prior versions.I generally allow mine to "Automatically" update. It is not unusual for it to take 24 hours,or more periodically for this to occur.

              I am assuming that you are referring to your "Virus Scan Engine Versions , and not the MSC Version-Build?


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Re: Cannot update McAfee Security Center

To clarify my situation, I am using McAfee SecurityCenter version 12.8.934 and VirusScan version 16.8.708.  I assume the update was for the Virus Scan.

Tried what you suggested and followed the link's instructions.  Was able to stop mcupdmgr.exe and mcupdate.exe and then reenable Access Protection, but that did not seem to solve any of the problems i am having as i got the same result (check for updates, downloads updates, get message software needs to be updated, it closes and then cannot update).

I then decided to do a delete and re-install, but that had issues.  I used Windows uninstall to remove McAfee, restarted my PC, used MCPR to completely remove McAfee and then restarted my PC.  I then downloaded McAfee Preinstall Tool and ran it.  Then downloaded McAfee Setup and ran it, but it stopped and i got an Installation Error.  A message box said "McInst.exe - Bad Image" with the error message telling me that c:\windows\system32\SPFILEQ.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. The error status given on the bottom of the message was 0xc000012f.  I then ran MVT and it found no mcAfee product.  When i continue in MVT and click on "Fix All" it solved 2/5 issues. The 2 issues it solved were "Clear DNS cache" and "Necessary Secure Protocols not enable", the 3 problems are "Clear temporary internet files", "Clear temporary folders", and Delete Chrome cache".  I thought the 3 problems were solved by using the McAfee PreInstall Tool first before McAfee Setup.

After looking arounds online i think i have 2 issues, 1 if a McAfee issue and 1 is a Windows issue.

I'll take any help.


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Re: Cannot update McAfee Security Center


Try to run MVT in the Technical Support link and come back here and post the session number....better yet contact Technical Support and get a support SR number and post that for Selvan to follow up with

He may request some additional info from you but wait till he chimes in to let you know

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Re: Cannot update McAfee Security Center

Hi Tom,

         It seems by your clear explanation of things, you took the proper steps. First off unfortunately, I am not as " Familiar-knowledgeable" in regards to Windows 8/8.1/8.8. The specific error code 0xcoooo12f seems to be associated with a Windows OS file that either may be corrupt,or missing? In addition, a hardware related issue.

          You may wish to run a Windows Trouble-shooting Diagnostic Tool, to help get to the root of the issue.

        Again, that was a just a thought. If you feel uncomfortable attempting such, possibly running a Chkdsk r/ might assist you in resolving the mentioned issues. Of course McAfee Support is available, and can be found under "Useful Links " at the top of the page. I would present the Windows Error Code when contacting Support, in addition your MVT Session ID #.

           Being uncertain of your Geographical Location? I can only provide you the Toll Free Number for the U.S. I apoloogise for not having a resolute answer for your issues. Hope one of the Forum Moderators-Forum Techs will pick up on this thread, and can be of further assistance.

            I do know that they indeed run Windows 8, and are more familiar with it . I might ask in addition if I may, are you current with all of your Windows Updates/Add-ons to include Internet Explorer, even if it is not your (Default) Browser? For McAfee uses it for renduring it,s UI.

             It seems that you are close to current with your McAfee Versions. I say close, because I just recently got updated to ( 12.8.944 ). However am running the same Anti-Virus-Anti Spyware as yourself

(16.8.708 ) with the most current Engine Version being (1861.0)

             Again, I would enlist the Support of McAfee and during the meantime hopefully one with more knowledge of your OS, quite possibly add further to this discussion. I do know that here was an issue with Windows updates this past "Patch Tuesday" Where users had to check for updates and finish installing the designated update for Windows 8.1.

                I,m not sure if this could have contributed to your issues as well...Just a thought. I made a post in the forum in regards to this particular subject as well.

I see that K3TG replied as I was typing my Reply, Follow his suggestions if you would please. Selvan is the Forum Tech, and is uniquely qualified in all Areas of McAfee.

Kind Regards,

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Re: Cannot update McAfee Security Center

Thank both of you for your help.

I ran chkdsk /r and while it took a while it did finish and reboot my PC.  I don;t know if anything was changed because i was away from the PC when it completed and restarted.

I tried to reinstall McAfee and got the same error as before.

I went to Tech Support and my service request # is 1470233223.

The sesssion ID was 50905229 when i last ran MVT.

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Re: Cannot update McAfee Security Center

Update on what happened, sorry if it's a long description.  Hope i got all the details.

  • Connected via chat to someone at McAfee Tech
  • He removed Malwarebytes 2.0.1 and then tried to reinstall McAfee.  Got the same error message with "McInst.exe - Bad Image" and "C:\windows\system32\SPFILEQ.dll".  Next screen was the Installation Incomplete message.
  • He uninstalled 2 items from the Microsoft Uninstall program window, i think both were Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 items.
  • He renamed 3 different DLLs in the windows\system32 folder from .dll to .old (forgot which ones), then rebooted
  • First thing that showed on the screen at reboot was a system error message about BT PreLoad.exe.  I think it was looking for a DLL.
  • He downloaded from Microsoft the Visual C++ 2010 item that was removed, then ran MCPR and then rebooted.
  • Got the same "McInst.exe - Bad Image" error during installaton of McAfee

  • The issue was then moved to a Tier 2 person
  • I think he ran MCPR, then ran sfc /scannnow from a command prompt.  When that was done the message on the screen said there were corrupt files found.
  • Was told that i needed to fix the corrupt files before McAfee could help fix my problem.

  • I was going to restore my PC to factory image and go from there, but i was having trouble getting that to work through the Dell Backup and Recovery app because it was asking for media I apparently do not have.  It did not like the recovery disk i made last year and i guess the factory image on the partition wasn't being seen.
  • I eventually went to System Restore and picked the image from March 27.  At the end of this process i got an error message that the restore did not complete successfully.  The error code was 0x800700b7.
  • PC rebooted and slowly loaded up into Windows where there was a dialog box saying System Restore completed successfully.
  • McAfee Security Center icon was on my desktop screen and when i went into it the last scan was done on March 26.  I clicked on McAfee Updates and it downloaded the file, then told me that the software needed to be updated and asked me to close it.  This was the point of the process that caused my question, as the update did not previously work.
  • i clicked on close, McAfee shut down and a few seconds later  the update was successful and the McAfee icon was in the taskbar for me to select.  I made sure it was not a 1 time thing, so i updated McAfee 2 more times and each time it asked me to close and each time it restarted.  I looked at the McAfee versions of what i had and i do not think anything was changed by these additional 2 downloads, so i am not sure why McAfee updates were downloaded.

  • I went to WIndows update and there were 6 files waiting, including the Windows 8.1 for x64 update.  When i rebooted my PC, Windows installed the 5 updates without asking me, but that went OK as McAfee was able to be updated again when i went into it.

Tomorrow will be the next step when i install the Windows 8.1 update and see if it causes the McAfee error i was previously getting.


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Re: Cannot update McAfee Security Center

Good Mormimg tommyc13,

                      There may be no relation to your issues or not, just a thought. In my first post I mentioned the fact that Microsoft has "Flubbed" the initial Windows update it issued. I am wondering if that is possibly what corrupted your files?  Here is that article, in regards to the updates...

I hope you get your issues resolved.

All the best,

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Re: Cannot update McAfee Security Center

Footnote:  Windows 8.1 update 1 should not be a problem.

Moved to General Discussion.

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Re: Cannot update McAfee Security Center

Just for followup info, my PC with McAfee Security Center has been working fine since the system restore.

Before i installed the WIndows 8.1 update i ran chkdsk /r, after the reboot I installed the Windows 8.1 update.  Since then i have been able to update McAfee without a problem, it prompts me to close after the McAfee update is downloaded, but instead of the error message it restarts Security Center.  I do not know the cause of my problems because there was nothing added to the PC recently, but i am glad the issue is over.

The only question i have now is why does McAfee update allow another download if i had just downloaded an update 1 minute ago.  Each time Security Center restarts i can always click on update, download a file, close McAfee, and it restarts.  I do not see any version of the application being updated.  I am not sure if McAfee is supposed to check the current versions i have and see if i need an update or if the program does not check and justs downloads the current update files.

Thank you for your help.  If someone from McAfee is reading this my SR # was 484570-1470233223.