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Cannot re-install Mcafee after finishing the previous subscription

I am unable to install Mcafee Antivirus plus for the 2nd time after my previous subscription ended a few days ago.I uninstalled the expired subscription and subsequently ran mcpr.exe to clean traces of the same.But i am surprised to see that i can't install my newer subscription...after clicking on the .exe file, it shows only 'Preparing' and nothing else.I tried to run the MVT which showed 'Cannot download information from the net,please check your internet connection'. Can anyone suggest me any way to install mcafee.......why i can't install it?It is starting but within a second it shows 'Preparing' and nothing else.....[I am running Windows 7 Ultimate on my laptop].

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Re: Cannot re-install Mcafee after finishing the previous subscription

Is your Internet service connected all the time?   Also where are you trying to install from, installation media, or your online account?

I assume this is Windows 7 SP1 and totally up to date with IE11 etc. (even if you never use it) ?

Maybe you are using a wireless connection.  Have you tried it using a LAN ?

You say you ran MCPR but was it a fresh installation of it (it updates constantly so always has to be freshly downloaded) from HERE and you must reboot immediately afterwards.

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Re: Cannot re-install Mcafee after finishing the previous subscription

You may try using LAN instead of Wireless as suggested by @Ex_Brit and reinstall Mcafee Antivirus Plus. Both MVT and  Mcafee Antivirus plus would require steady high speed internet connectivity. If you think internet connection is good, it would be in your best interest if you could contact support for speedy resolution.



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