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Cannot Install McAfee Total Protection

I cannot install McAfee Total Protection.  I removed the previous McAfee installation using the McAfee tool.  It continues to fail....I reported this to McAfee and they have failed to respond with upper level tech help (service request #10135675).  Lower tech help was unable resolve problem.   What do I have  to do to receive the appropiate customer help ?   I have spent over 6 hrs trying to solve this problem.  From reading the board, this software has major flaws.

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Re: Cannot Install McAfee Total Protection

Will ping a high level tech to get someone to assist you.

Where does the install fail? Do you connect through a proxy such as at an university?

Post your operating system and service pack version as well as is your IE up to date as well?

Any message you get also might help. How long kave you been waiting for level 2 support? Call back is usually 1-2 days i thought. no matter will flag this.

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