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Can you believe the ridiculous account setup for McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012?

Trying to install McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012. I am the second person in the office to install this product, I Get to Step 2 of 2: Log In or Create a New Account. Thsi screen asks for an email address. The email address of the first person who installed this product is listed. I try to type in my address and enter a password. I get an error that the email isn't recognized! Of course it isn't. I'm installing the product for the first time. Apparently to install the second and subsequent instances of this product, the first person to install has to surrender their email address and reveal their password to the other two people.

This is a ridiculous system architecture. I've bought software that allows for three installations. It shouldn't be organized under the first person's email address.

So I'm calling in to get a fix. So far I've waited about 15 minutes. This is my first exposure to this program. So far, I am not impressed. I'm on the thin edge of quitting this install and installing Norton. If I have this much trouble with the initial install, I can only imagine what headaches await me further.

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Re: Can you believe the ridiculous account setup for McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012?

This would all depend on the license purchased in the first place.  It has to be specifically a multi-user license to allow multiple accounts otherwise if it's a multi-machine license then the same account is used for all.  I suspect that it's the latter type of license.

You can clarify that with a simple phone call to Customer Service:

Telephone Customer Service

To speak with a Customer Service representative, call 866-622-3911. You may be asked for your registered email address and order number. Telephone charges may apply.
Average contact length: 10  minutes
Estimated wait time: 5-10 minutes
Hours of Operation: Available daily, 6am-6pm Pacific

We have no access to your account from these forums so best to call them.  It's toll-free.

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