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Can't visit websites after installing McAfee

I bought McAfee Internet Security 2010, installed it on my Windows XP computer, and now I cantt get on any websites. I can connect to my wireless network, but whenever I try to visit any website -- Google, Facebook, whatever -- I get an error message. Maybe it's a firewall thing. I have no clue. Very frustrating. Anyone have a similar problem?

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Re: Can't visit websites after installing McAfee

Try going to your internet connection in Windows Explorer or on the Taskbar and right-clicking it select Repair.

Or try this quick fix:

There may have been some minor infection or a corrupted key present when McAfee was installed which it may have removed as an infection during the installation process.

There is also a Microsoft article here:

Another fix here:

Sorry to take so long to answer you but we are rather busy.

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