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Can't turn off Windows firewall

First of all, I had to create a new account because somehow my old account was disabled here -- so I'm not new but maybe just unwelcomed? <g>.

In any case, I'm trying to turn off the firewalls on my Win7 64bit computer because the Apple folks think it's causing an issue with iTunes (it may not be, but until I can turn everything off we can't prove it one way or the other).  I can go into McAfee Total Protection and turn off THAT firewall, but somehow the Windows firewall is still on and Windows says that McAfee is managing this so I can't turn it off anywhere.

TIA for any help.

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Re: Can't turn off Windows firewall

Hi kelleytoons,

I can't locate any other account here for you, disabled or otherwise, what was the user name?  If it was created a few years ago it may have been archived when we switched forum hosts.

When McAfee is installed Windows 7 wont let you access the security aspects of the system that McAfee now controls, antivirus/antispyware and firewall.

Did you try rebooting with McAfee's firewall turned off (set to never restart)?

Then Windows Firewall should at least be accessible.

You could try asking Technical Support, it's a free phone call or you can use the online chat client, both linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

Or try joining SevenForums and posting in this thread regarding this:

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Re: Can't turn off Windows firewall

You can always uninstall mcafee, disable windows firewall and only than install it back again, if You want.

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