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Can't activate!

I have recently bought McAfee Internet security 2011. Everything went fine while installing untill I tried to activate it.

When I want to activate I enter the product key, then you have to enter e-mail address and pass.

That's where the problem is, the programm tells me the e-mail or password is incorrect.

So I tried to reset my password in case I forgot, but still the same.

Now I saw some other users had this problem, though they've already had a McAfee product.

This is my first time using McAfee, so I need some help.

My activation date expires soon.

I'm using Windows 7

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Re: Can't activate!

Come on.. somebody??

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Re: Can't activate!

I've moved your post to the Home and Home Office are for better visibility. Have you tried contacting customer service in your area?

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Re: Can't activate!

Hi Dutchman,

I happened to verify your records and If Im righ you do have McAfee Internet security registered till 2011 under the email address you used on this board. Could you please confirm if that is the program you are trying to activate or any other ???


Dinesh K

McAfee Online Community Moderator

Re: Can't activate!

The version is Internet Security 2011 and the expiration date is 10/12/2011..

on 1/9/11 2:44:59 AM CST
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Re: Can't activate!

Thanks for confirming the same , since you have already reset your password, could you please login here and let me know you are able to see McAfee Internet security (exp 2011) from your account page.