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Can't access the internet

Hello. I got my new Dell this week and it has come with a years subscription to McAfee. Everything's set up, but i have a problem connecting to the internet. When i first connected to family wireless it connected to the internet and was fine. After closing my laptop and opening it back up again it would no longer connect to the wireless. I switched it off and on, disabled and re-enabled the wifi connection, but nothing would reconnect it to the internet, other than resetting the router.

At my uni residence, i had the same problem, it's a cable so i plugged it in and it connected first time round to the internet, but after switching my laptop off or after standby it won't reconnect to the internet. I keep having to reset the router to get back online and make sure i leave my computer running.

Had a feeling it might be firewall related so i went into McAfee and disabled the firewall. My laptop briefly reconnected to the internet, so i'm guessing the problem is somewhere in this, however it disconnected again almost straight away and now even with the firewall off it won't go back on.

I've messed around with virus settings but nothing's working. Windows firewall i believe is off, and i can't adjust it as it says it's controlled by Mcafee.

Can anyone tell me if this sounds like a McAfee related problem? Is there a way i can disable Mcafee altogether to find out?


p.s. i'm running Windows 7 home, it tells me name the LAN/wifi connections as home or public quite often, i've named these both as home but they seem to reset back to public and it tells me i have no access...

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Re: Can't access the internet

Hi Jessica,

To diagnose what could be the root cause of the issue , we could try these steps:

1.Open security center

2.Select Internet & Network, then click Configure on the right.

3.In the section titled Firewall protection is enabled, click Advanced.

4.Select Program Permissions from the Home list on the left.

5.Check whether internet explorer is given full access under the program permission list, if not allow it

And then try to go online.

If the above dint work, try to click on restore firewall defaults and close mcafee complelety and then try to access internet


Dinesh K

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Re: Can't access the internet

Thanks, i'm going to have to try this when i get in from Uni. I'm using firefox at the moment so i'll check if it's allowed. The thing is, it's hard to tell whether my laptop is picking up the network cable as some of the time it says no access, sometimes it says access without internet. It's very confusing with my lack of computer knowledge.

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Re: Can't access the internet

I had this problem last week,

remove McAfee and install a new antivirus.

And works

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Re: Can't access the internet


Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. But let us know how long you are having the issue with computer and McAfee. Did you made any recent changes to the computer or network.

Did you happen to perform any steps suggested by Dinz ? If no let us know what the outcome

We appreciate all your help!


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