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Can't Even Get Into Windows....please help

I was having problems with goofy stuff.  I ran Dr. Spybot and it showed I had 3 dangerous issues, which it recommended I delete.  I deleted those 3 red bugs.  I restarted my computer, but now it says that a windows component is missing and I can use the reinstall disc and press R, in an effort to repair.  I've done this about 100 times.  It won't read the original disc.  I'm simply stuck, and cannot get into windows.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Currently using daughter's laptop while she's home for the holiday and starting to sink into a very deep depression!

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Re: Can't Even Get Into Windows....please help


Do you remember what files you deleted ?

Are you able to choose the windows advanced boot menu ? Turn the computer on & start tapping F8 key .


Dinesh K

on 12/3/09 11:25 AM
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Re: Can't Even Get Into Windows....please help

What computer is that (Dell, HP, Gateway...) and how old is that?

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Re: Can't Even Get Into Windows....please help

Hi Bobby,

Please try the steps below .

Start the computer and keep tapping the "F8" Key on the key board.You should get a windows called"Windows Advanced Option Menu".

Once you have this window use you "Directions Keys " on the key board to move up to "Safe Mode".Once Highlighted on safe mode hit the "Enter" key.

Check if your computer starts in Safe Mode.

If you are able to get to the desktop.Then go to Start-->All Programs-->Accessories-->System Tools-->System Restore.

Once you click on the System Restore on the windows that loads select"Restore My computer to an Earlier date".

On the calendar select a date that is highlighted prior to when the problem happened  and click on Restore.

This should restart you computer and then boot back up.

Check if you are able to login to the computer Normally.



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