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Can not run McAfee Total Protection 2011

This is crazy. Things working fine on my HP Laptop with Vista operating system. I get hit with adware from Personal Internet Security 2011. The blogs tell you to run your security program. I notice that I have no sheild in my tools. I try to click on my desktop icon, nothing. I go to the programs and click on McAfee and nothing. I even put the program disk in the laptop and click on the download and it does nothing. I went to my security settings for my laptop and tried tuning on McAfee and it did nothing also. I am baffled and do not know where to go from here. Can someone help.

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Re: Can not run McAfee Total Protection 2011

Hi Steve VanHorn,

Do you still have Personal Internet Security on you're system?

Please restart your computer and continuously press F8 from start up.

Then go here, and download malwarebytes, thanks.


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Re: Can not run McAfee Total Protection 2011

Restart the computer by tapping F8, select Safe Mode with Networking. Try scanning the computer by using McAfee and if it still fails then try the step what ConorD62 has mentioned

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