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Can I turn off SSS?


I am a bit confused about exactly what is going on with my new windows 8 laptop that has now begun (sadly) to take longer to start/shut down.

I have mcAfee security centre which I guess I need to run at start up.

But a few days after I signed up McAfee Security Scanner Schedule appeared - what does this actually do and is it OK to turn it off at start up?



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Re: Can I turn off SSS?

McAfee Security Scan Plus is not associated with your security suite but probably installed as an optional download with something like Adobe Reader or similar   You must have missed that option to refuse it.  No problem, simply go to Control Panel > Programs and features and uninstall it.

Just in case though you should check your real-time scanner settings in SecurityCenter > Virus and SpywareProtection and open Real-time scanning > Startup Settings and make sure the faster startup option is selected.

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Re: Can I turn off SSS?

Hi maxelcat,

It will be more helpful if you could post the Screenshot of McAfee Security Scanner Schedule