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Can I add a delay in McAfee startup?

I use dial up.  Is it possible to add a short delay in McAfee start up?  When I start my PC, McAfee downloads the latest software right away.  This locks up my homepage that is trying to load, and I have to re-boot after the virus software loads.  Can I safely change the priority in the configuration from "normal" to "below normal"?  My operating system is Windows 7.  Thank you.

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Re: Can I add a delay in McAfee startup?

Hi ,

SecurityCenter checks for updates shortly after a system restart, and checks again approximately every four hours. In the event of an outbreak emergency DAT files could be made available providing the latest virus DATs as shortly after they are posted to minimize the risk of infection.

And you could change the update cycle, you want the way it to be as below:

1. Open McAfee security center.
2. Click Configure on the bottom-right menu. (Beside the option about)
3. In the SecurityCenter Configuration panel under Automatic updates, click Advanced.
4. Under SecurityCenter Configuration, select Update Options as you prefer
5. Select the update option you prefer. ( See image )

Hope, this will help you better.

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

on 12/15/09 7:51:24 AM GMT-06:00
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