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ByteOMeter false-positive

McAfee treating ByteOMeter, a bandwidth tracker, as a Trojan, won't allow install or give opportunity to classify as TRUSTED. This needs to be corrected.

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Re: ByteOMeter false-positive

Could be a false Artemis detection : I downloaded from CNET using Firefox. FF scanned for viruses on the way down and found nothing.

Saved it, scanned with Malwarebytes, McAfee, and Spybot : all of them gave it the all-clear.

The file does not have a digital signature to identify the publisher, which doesn't help. See below.

Submitted it to VirusTotal : 4 out of 43 marked it as malware - 2 McAfee and 2 others (NOD32 and PCTools).

There is a document here which should help you to submit a report of a possible false positive. The place to report Artemis FP's is at

The Artemis number is Artemis!4FE7146EC509

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Re: ByteOMeter false-positive

Just letting you know I edited the document here to show the corrected email address the avertlabs 1 seems not to work now.

on 13/02/11 6:40:41 AM
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