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Buying new desktop and two new licences - buy now or wait for new desktop?


I am in UK and have a home office with one desktop running on Vista and using McAfee Security Centre with a few years subscription credited. I have another desktop using wireless and running one of the free anti virus programs (which I want to replace with McAfee)

I have installed a hard wired network to allow an additional  colleague to work off this new network (all hard wired).

I am buying a more powerful computer loaded with Windows Seven and will use this desktop as the master. A colleague will then use my current desktop then as one of the two slaves. My questions:

  1. I presume I need a licence for each of the three desktops?
  2. If I do need to increase the number of liceneces to three what is the best way of doing this?
    • Buy two new licences now in readiness for two new downlaods, or
    • Wait until my new computer is set up and download from scratch onto that  (and then one of the other two as well)?

I hope I have explained that ok.

I am not sure what happens as my master account and original loaded McAfee program will relegated with the desktop that will then be used by a junior colleague and it won't have administrator priveliges.

I may have the original McAfee disk from 5 years ago or so, but can't be sure; so presumably will be able to load via internet?

Regards, timbocat6