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Bt net protect Plus

I have btnetprotect plus installed on my computer and about 1 hour ago the security tool virus/trojan appeared on my computer, i removed it using system restore, but my question is should it have not been picked up beforehand

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Re: Bt net protect Plus

This document will assist you with any virus or malware you may have in your computer. Let us know if the McAfee Stinger scan finds anything or if you continue to have any issues.

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Re: Bt net protect Plus

I just checked, and BT Net Protect Plus is the standard McAfee Home & Home Office package.

This question has been asked before, and the answer is that Security Tool is neither a virus nor a Trojan. To McAfee (and many other AV programs) it appears as just another program. It has a few distinctive characteristics which I think McAfee should be modified to recognise, but it is mainly a nuisance and a scam. It's just a fake program trying to part you from your money.

You have probably got rid of it if you went back to a previous system restore point, but you might want to read the information in the link below -

It might be an idea to run Malwarebytes to check your system anyway, since one way for Security Tool to arrive is via a trojan (which McAfee should have detected).

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