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Blue screen error (Windows 7)

I just renewed the LIVESAFE-Internet security and I'm getting the blue screen error. I found where I can disable the automatic restart but how do I make it stop? I tried following a couple links given to someone else, but "an error occurred."

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Re: Blue screen error (Windows 7)

Turn off access protection in navigation general settings and alerts and try updating that might get you the fix for the bsod. What version and build have you?


navigate to the file below and open it and post what it says ie the numbers it shows.The numbers are not in about.

Goto C:\ProgramData\McAfee\MCLOGS and Open VSCoreVersionInfo.txt. You will see the numbers as below
McAfee VSCore SDK

Version: 15.4.0

Build: 583.4

If you have that you have the bsod fix if not try the Access protection disabling

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Re: Blue screen error (Windows 7)

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Re: Blue screen error (Windows 7)

Do you see following file?




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