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Blue Screen after update

Today, I restarted my Dell computer to let an update to my McAfee security take effect.

When I restarted, I started getting the "blue screen" problem, as other people have mentioned.

What should I do?

(here are the crash dump files below for further details)

Last edited  on 6/14/12 8:23:44 PM CDT
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Level 20

Re: Blue Screen after update

Do you have an atheros network driver?

Steps to check Version of network Adaptor:

  • ·         Open Device manager
  • ·         Right click on Computer
  • ·         click on manage
  • ·         In the left hand panel click on Device Manager
  • ·         Right click on network adaptor is it an atheros?
  • ·         Click on property Check driver version must be 238 or higher
  • ·         If not update the driver and make sure we get the latest.
  • ·         If it’s not getting update check with OEM Website (system manufacture) or call your System vendor to get it updated.
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