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Blank mcafee window - downloaded from att

ok running on windows 7 i downloaded mcafee worked fine now a white box with the mcafee header shows up downloaded from att

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Re: Blank mcafee window - downloaded from att

Hello setitsu,

Could you please open you Internet explorer , click on Help (at the top) and click on the option - About Internet explorer and let me know the version and cipher strength from there.

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Dinesh K

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Re: Blank mcafee window - downloaded from att


Please follow this in case if you have installed Internet Explorer 9.0, since it's not compatible with McAfee, you will have to uninstall Internet Explorer 9 inorder to resolve this issue.

To uninstall Internet Explorer 9:

1. Click on Windows Start button.

2. Type appwiz.cpl in search bar.

3.Click on View Installed updates.

appwiz ie9.gif

4. from that list, select Internet Explorer 9 and uninstall the product.

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