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Big problem: Firefox blocked and no acces to mcafee

Ok so here's the problem: I accidentally blocked Mozilla Firefox with mcafee by clicking too quickly on the "refuse acces to the internet" button when the window popped up. The problem is I never wanted to use mcafee, it just was installed with a free trial licence on my computer when i bought it and now the trial is over and I can't get acces to the options, so I can't unblock firefox...this is just so unacceptable and I can't find a solution...if anyone could help, that would be great

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Re: Big problem: Firefox blocked and no acces to mcafee

How can it be unacceptable that software with an expired license wont work?  That is to be expected surely?

Method 1: Uninstall all remnants of McAfee using the MCPR cleanup tool:


Firefox should work.

If not then uninstall Firefox and reboot, then reinstall it.

It should then seek permission via whatever firewall you are now using.

Method 2: Go to your local McAfee products page and download a trial of "VirusScan Plus" and then action the permissions in the firewall.

Then uninstall McAfee in the normal way via Control Panel

Then run the previously mentioned cleanup tool and reboot.

Note: Method 2 may entail uninstalling whatever protection software you are currently using.


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