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Automatic charges = questionable business practice

I actually created an account just to reply to you and add my story. I agree with you 100%!  McAfee has been so sneaky, billing me and now refuses to help.

two years ago I took my comp in to OfficeMax because I thought I had a virus. I did not.  They UNinstalled the virus software I had, and paid for (Kaspersky) and put on the paid version of McAfee without even asking me. The guy was boasting how they are McAfee dealers, and that that's what they put on everyone's comps because they sell it.  I told him he had no right to do that without asking.


I saw that it was on auto-renewal, and I changed that, online through my McAfee account.  A few days later I was poking around and saw it was NOT removed, so I took the auto renew off again.  A month later I was poking around and saw it was BACK, so I called McAfee. I was assured that it would be changed.  When the subscription was about to expire I upgraded  to Total Protection so my mom could have it on her comp, too. I went to my Account through McAfee to do this, and saw the auto renewal was  ON again. I ordered the upgrade and called AGAIN and was assured it wouldn't renew. They even told me it might say that on my web page but THEY had the record that it would not renew. 

Shortly after I did this, I saw that it DID renew and now I had 2 McAfee programs bought and active.  I called to yell and said why would I do this and I wanted a refund.  I was told I can't get a refund because it was over the 30 or 60 days you have to ask for a refund. I asked if this means that I just have to pay for a whole McAfee virus program I'm not using, it was their mistake and lying about it?  She said she was sorry, they can't give me a refund.  I told her I do NOT want EITHER of these programs to Autorenew..I am done with McAfee and why is autorenew the default?

I called again last night and talked to someone and asked again why I can't have a refund. She said again it was over the # of days I can get a refund.  This is BS and it's not right. I went out of my way many times to make it clear I did not want the program to autorenew. I think it's very underhanded how it all worked.

I have bought another virus protection and am not renewing McAfee when it expires in October. (The first program that I didn't want expires in September)   I told them not to renew it. She said ok. I just came here now and looked at my account and YEP! Autorenew is active for BOTH these programs.

This is like the "slamming" that goes on with phones.  I have had nothing but problems with McAfee. I have had nothing but spamware and crap sneaking past it where I've spent weeks culling things out of my registry that it didn't catch, and two nasty malware-spyware hijackers.  I'm done. The shame of it is they are so casual about that they take money they had no right to take.

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Re: Automatic charges = questionable business practice

Sorry to see that you had problems I have pinged a high level manager to see if you can get that refund. Also branched this to its own thread

When you called them to complain re the feature resetting itself did you note the call job number?

Also before renewal you should have got an email or 3?

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Re: Automatic charges = questionable business practice

Hi! Thanks for looking at this.

I never got an email alerting me that McAfee was about to renew.  I had looked at the info through the McAfee interface/subscription info and just saw that it had about a month left, so I upgraded to the Total Protection assuming the 1st one (currently used at the time) was going to quietly expire as I'd requested 3 times, and so the Total Protection would slightly overlap in service but then be the only active McAfee I'd have.  Really, I called and tried to insure it'd expire several times.

I have no idea who I talked to the other night. It was through Live Chat and I wasn't mailed any kind of record of the chat. I didn't think to copy it.

I really do look at this tuff and keep up on it; all the things that should have been done or paid attention to by McAfee weren't, and anything I called or wrote about were ignored.

Thanks for your help 

Re: Automatic charges = questionable business practice

Your issue has been passed higher up the line. Pity you did not keep the job numbers but you would have given your email address to setup the chat so they can chase the call via that. Was it the same as you use here?  If not PM me it do not post it here.

on 3/09/13 1:25:40 PM

Re: Automatic charges = questionable business practice

HI.  Yes it's the same email as I have here.  I am actually on the phone as I speak with McAfee support for a whole 'nother issue  (the live chat app wouldn't install...some kind of connection error...) .  I think because I have complained, the Computer Gods told my McAfee program to trash my whole comp.       Thank you for your help....I'm off to go cull through more boards to see if you nice folks can fix all the other stuff going on now